When the Honeymoon Period Ends: Three Principles for Dealing with Classroom Management Challenges

Has the novelty of the new school year started to fade? Have you found yourself wondering what happened to the enthusiastic and friendly students who were in your class just a few short days ago? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone, and things can get better.

By offering principles, rather than strategies, I hope to give you a framework with which specific techniques can be developed. Checking your classroom management approach against these principles will help you create a culture where you and your students can flourish.

Making the First Day Count

There’s a lot riding on the first day. How we feel about our students and how they feel about us and our classes will be largely influenced by the impressions we make with that initial hello.

So how can we ensure that we make the first day extraordinary?

Here are three guiding principles (and two very strong suggestions) for making the first day count in all the right ways.