Finding your Anchor: Creating a Vision for the Work We Do

My hope for us is that we can thrive in our work, that we can be focused and purposeful and deliberate in our pursuit of our students’ well-being. That we can model dependability, trustworthiness, and integrity in our roles.  And that we would do these things with great joy, anchored by a vision of what could be when our best selves come to work everyday to do our best work for the good of those we serve

In Search of True Collaboration

Good, we think to ourselves, having just assigned a task we spent hours putting together. A collaborative activity with a check for understanding planned for when they’re finished.
No sooner does this thought pass through our heads than we realize one of two things: 1. It’s very quiet in here; they’re not working together at all. OR 2. There’s tons of conversation, but hardly anyone is on task.

What happened? Well, despite our good intentions and perhaps even our high level activity, there are several issues here that have sabotaged our efforts.