It Starts at the Door: The Importance of Developing A+ Routines

We want our students to have a meaningful experience in our classrooms, to thrive during their “visit,” to want to come back. Certainly, then, we should do all we can to help them understand our customs and norms, to help them fit in as members of the community and not to feel like outsiders. When we don’t show them explicitly how to make the most of their time with us, or when we neglect to warn them of potential pitfalls, we make it less likely that they will enjoy their time or fully experience the sweet rhythm of belonging.

So how do we do this well? And how can we fight against the tendency to accept the idea that we shouldn’t bother?

Making the First Day Count

There’s a lot riding on the first day. How we feel about our students and how they feel about us and our classes will be largely influenced by the impressions we make with that initial hello.

So how can we ensure that we make the first day extraordinary?

Here are three guiding principles (and two very strong suggestions) for making the first day count in all the right ways.